It is easy enough to say you are going to sort your life out if you feel like you are in control of most aspects of your life. If you are not, or if you do not feel like you are, then sorting your life out can seem like an insurmountable mountain of a task which you spend all your days attempting to climb, but you keep tripping over the metaphorical rocks of circumstance or slipping on the figurative ice patches of situation and ending up at the bottom of the mountain again. Really this mountain imagery can’t stretch much further, because the whole point of sorting your life out is to feel more in control and more grounded, and you don’t feel like that if you are at the top of a mountain. You feel like your fate is in the hands of the elements, a strong wind could blow you right off of there, a sudden snow storm could leave you stranded, rain could flood you out. Maybe this metaphorical mountain isn’t such a bad thing to use to describe getting in control of your life after all. Maybe the whole thing should be about climbing down the mountain, from the unorganised and chaotic peaks of existence to the ground where everything is comfortable and safe. Or it? At least when you are at the top of a mountain you can see whats coming. Who knows what dinosaurs are waiting round the corner to eat you! Yeah, no, sorry, the imagery had gone to far. I am sorry.

All I am trying to say is that maybe not know what is going to happen next, which way is up, where your favourite pair of scissors are (I really don’t know, they are lost in my room! I need them for my washis!), or when you will next be to say you have nothing left on your to do list, is not so bad. Maybe it is adding some variety to life? Maybe if you had your life all sorted out then you would be bored, or thrown completely off if something terrible (like a dinosaur) comes along. At least if you have no idea what is going on, you know to expect anything at any time and so can handle situations that might seem chaotic more easily than if you lived a comfortable and safe life… Maybe it sometimes pays to not have your life sorted out, because you are never REALLY in control of it anyway, so at least when you are used to things being rocky and slippery you are more equipped to deal with it.

Maybe happiness is sorting your life out, or maybe happiness is just sorting your head out to realise that your life will never be completely “sorted out” because there will never be a time when you are in control of every single thing in it.


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