Happiness is… #YOLO..?

I was saying to someone the other day that I find it difficult to understand how people can be happy when there is so much horrible stuff happening in the world, and I don’t know how people can just switch it off. They said that it is hard but that if you went around avoiding terrible things all the time then you would never leave your house, and you have to just learn to live with those things because you only get one chance at this life, and you only live once. That reminded me of #YOLO. You. Only. Live. Once. Remember that, on every tshirt and every facebook status from last year? Hands up if you hate YOLO? Hands up if you think it is kind of silly? I am going to guess a few people think that it is silly, and honestly I thought it was silly too, until I realised the other day that like MOST PEOPLE live their lives by the rule of YOLO! Think about it next time you order expensive chinese food even though it is a Tuesday and you have loads of food in the fridge, the next time you spend far too much money on a holiday, or the next time you skip doing chores so that you can spend time with your friends. What are we doing? We are making ourselves happy, and why? Because why not, because you only live once and you better make the most of it. Right?

Different people have different degrees of sticking to the YOLO way of life; to some it might just be neglecting a fast decaying veg drawer in favour of Salt and Chilli Tofu, but to some might be more extreme, like climbing up Mount Everest, deep sea diving, or bungee jumping out of an aeroplane. To some YOLO is about making sure that you are doing your best on this planet, giving back to it and making sure other people are able to live their lives to the full as well. To others YOLO is a reason to do what makes them happy, even if it has negative effects elsewhere. For example some people will say the only reason they still eat meat is because it tastes good and you only live once so you might as well do what makes you happy. They say this because they personally will have no negative repercussions because of their choice to eat meat, because society is perfectly accepting of people eating meat and they will never actually have to see the animal suffering in any way. Similarly some people buy terrible products from terrible companies, even though they contribute to the arms trade, or are responsible for a significant amount of deforestation, or have pretty much murdered babies in Africa, because it is easier to just buy those things, society dictates that it is normal to buy those things, and you might as well take the easy, normal, road and enjoy yourself because… well because #YOLO. #YOLO. #YOLO. #YOLO. Ahhhhh. Is it #YOLO, so live life to the full, do what ever you want, have a great time… as long as nobody will judge you or treat you negatively as a result? Or is it just do all that regardless? Where does this attitude end? How do people know when to stop? Should a the #YOLO way of life mean you compromise your morality? Is that what murders and rapists are doing, are they just saying YOLO? What are the rules of YOLO? WHO DECIDED THEM? IS YOLO SAFE?

I am really concerned about YOLO all of a sudden.


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