Scotland is watching you!

I am on a train to the Yes office. It is pretty sunny, and I am listening to power ballads. Getting ready for a day of answering phones and sending emails. Today is the second “Big Debate” , and that means we are going to be a very, very, extremely busy office today. Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond will be debating tonight on the BBC (BBC one if you are in Scotland, BBC two for rUK). Last time they debated it was really not very good. It was even boring. This debate should not be boring. It is about the most important thing ever, our future. How did they manage to make THAT boring. What a mess. I am not a huge fan of either of them, but Alex has the winning argument. He can’t not win a reasonable debate. He has hope, Darling has fear. The only thing stronger than fear is hope!! Ask any Hunger Games fan! I don’t understand how he managed to so royally mess up that last debate. Let’s hope he gets his act together and doesn’t end up boring the entire country to death. Come on Alex, Scotland is watching you.


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