What don’t I do that I should be doing?

(First posted 31st May 2014)

I am supposed to be packing. I am no where near halfway packed, and I have 9 hours to finish. So obviously I am going to write a blog right now…

Okay so I just watched a video on youtube by SoulPancake where they asked people on the street “What don’t you do that you should be doing?” and while the video was loading I was thinking of what my first off the top of my head answers would be. I made a mental list. Here it is.

-Floss regularly.

-Blog regularly.

-Eat healthy breakfasts.


-Go swimming.

-Ride my bike.

-Call people out on being awful (e.g. transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, ableism)

And then I started to struggle but then the video loaded and I thought about some of the things the people on the video were saying and they were talking about things like helping people, calling their families, following their dreams, appreciating themselves, along with exercising and staying active and encouraging people to love one another.

I was thinking, I totally help people a lot. But then, i don’t know if I do. I mean I donate money to charities on a regular basis, and I support and promote a lot of charities and causes both on social media and in conversation, but I don’t’ actually help people on the ground. I don’t go to those people who need help and actually help them. I don’t know whether that is something I should maybe start doing more. I mean, by just fundraising and raising awareness does that make me all talk and no game? Or are those things more important than actually going to those in need and chatting to them and asking how you can help them. How do you decide who is in need? Is that not something that a person has to decide for themselves, and wouldn’t it be patronising of you to assume that they specifically would need your help? I don’t even know. I think I need to consider getting more hands on in terms of helping people. Any suggestions, feel free to comment or whatever. I might need to wait until after the referendum because that eats up any spare time I have right now. But should it? Is it right that I am dedicating all this time to the referendum when I could be helping people? I mean I honestly really believe that in the long run all the work that Yes are doing will help people, once we persuade enough people to vote yes and secure better future for them, but should I be doing something now? I don’t know. I mean all forms of helping and charity work for good causes must be a good thing, but are their like levels of good? I am going to think about this a bit more.

Also calling my family, I call my Mum and my Gran a lot. But I rarely call my Dad or my Papa or my brother or my aunt Fiona. I never call my other aunts or uncles or cousins. Would they/I be happier if I called them more? Should that be something I endeavour to do? I think it would be a bit weird if I called my brother everyday. “Hi” “Hi ”How are you” “I am fine, how are you.” “Fine.” “Cool. I don’t have anything to say.” “Okay good, neither do I. Bye!” “Bye.” Maybe I should call the ones I don’t see very often and let them know I am thinking about them. But then they might think I wanted something or I was dying or someone else was dying or something, because it would be so abnormal. Oh well I think I will continue with my current call scheduled, but if any family members read this and decide they would like to talk to me on the phone more then please feel free to call me more, and I will call you more too!

Okay I really need to go pack now. Enough distractions. Good bye. Sorry for this pointless blog.


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