The Start of Something New…

(First posted 26th Jan 2014)

This is the start of something. Something both terrifying and liberating. I have a really intense year coming up and I think that if you keep things to yourself, and you don’t share your thoughts and observations, then you spend too much time inside your own head scrutinising everything. If you spend all your time thinking about the things that are already inside your head then there is no space for you to think of new and exciting things, to create new and exciting projects, and to live new and exciting stories.This year is going to really put me through my paces, I know I am going to have some of the best and worst times of my life, and I want to remember it all. I am going to ramble a lot because primarily this blog is for keeping my own head clear. I am going to write a lot that nobody will really care that much about, but also somewhere along the line I hope I will write something that someone believes to be worth reading. I have a new fancy webcam too so I might even up the ante and post some “vlogs” when I get a bit more confident! I am not going to post links to my blog every day, but if you happen to be here and you happen to be reading and you ever feel I have said something that you can relate to, or that someone else needs to read, then please feel more than free to share the link where ever you see fit.

Please always comment if there is something you want to say because I always want to talk, and we can maybe even have some wee debates that inspire future blogs.

I have written countless blogs in the past, but I have always tried to be too fancy. Too artsy. Too cool. I am none of those things, and so this blog is going to be more me. I am going to write another blog later today where I will talk more about being cool. Now it’s time for you all to wait, with bated breath, for the next installment.


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