Plate is overflowing.


(First posted 5th Feb 2014)

Okay so I have too much on my plate. That is obvious. But the plate is full of completely essential things so there is nothing I can do to make their be less things on my plate other than eat the things that already on it, because I can’t put anything in the bin or I won’t get any dessert… The dessert is my degree/future happiness. Okay I have gone too far with this plate metaphor.

Things I need to do:

So that’s everything I need to do. 2×3=6 + 3×2 = 6 . 6+6 =12. 12+11 = 23. 23000 words. Woohoo. And then when those are all done I have a 15 minute presentation and two 4 hour exams. And then that’s it. That’s it all over. I am done with education. And I cannot wait.