Plate is overflowing.

(First posted 5th Feb 2014)

Okay so I have too much on my plate. That is obvious. But the plate is full of completely essential things so there is nothing I can do to make their be less things on my plate other than eat the things that already on it, because I can’t put anything in the bin or I won’t get any dessert… The dessert is my degree/future happiness. Okay I have gone too far with this plate metaphor.

Things I need to do:

  • 2000 word Pragmatics and spoken discourse essay, I have chosen the question  ”How do children develop pragmatic and conversation skills and how might their communication be affected by a disability at this level of language?”. I need to get an A in this essay and I need to complete this essay  by next Thursdayish. The deadline is the 4th but I have too many other things to do around then so I want this essay done and dusted by the 13th.
  • 2000 word Semantics essay, I have chosen the question  ”Why is the semantic category of FEAR so full of metonymies?”. This question is so interesting and I am sure I could write something brilliant on it if I had enough time, the only worry is I don’t think I do have enough time. I need to have it done by around the same time as the essay above. I already got a B1, one mark off an A, in my last essay so I could just submit that essay and if I do well in all other course work I could still be on track for a 2.1, but then that leaves it up to everything else and I have never been the sort of person who takes chances when it comes to something I really care about. I don’t know whether I am taking a bigger chance by cutting down time I could be spending on things that I really do need to up my grade on over an essay with an adequate grade, or on the assumption that I will do well on everything else and the B1 will carry me to a 2.1 anyway! Stress.
  • 3000 word Humanities in the Classroom essay. I get to choose any question I want as long as it relates to classrooms somehow. I am thinking I will do something on prejudice against Scots language in schools as that’s what I know, but I am worried I will accidentally plagiarise myself because my dissertation is on a very similar topic. Oh my wooly word, I just went to confirm that this essay was due by the 28th of March like I thought only to find out it is due by the 21st of February. Oh gosh. Oh wow. Oh panic. Ahhh.
  • 25-30hours of HiC Placement at a school. I have already done 12 hours, and I have 6 tomorrow and 6 on Friday. I might ask if I can stay for after school club and that will bring me up to 26 hours and then  I won’t need to go back. It is really fun, but because I am so stressed about the rest of my course work I am finding it really exhausting. Also because kids are hard work! Tomorrow I am going to be in a class with a deaf teacher though so I am very very excited about using my BSL. I love it so much, BSL is one of my favourite things to do ever.
  • 2000 word Humanities in the Classroom Portfolio about my placement. That should be fine because it is about my own experiences and I don’t need references etc. Not too worried about that. That is also not due until the 28th of March, so after dissertation. That’s fine.
  • 3000 word Humanities in the Classroom Reflective Log. It’s fine with that, we just submit 300 words a week. I have already done 900 words of it, and at the end we just tweak it so it flows better. Not stressed about that. That’s for the 14th of March.
  • 11000 word dissertation. Oh wow is this stressing me out. I am writing about something that is pretty much entirely my own research so I can’t even beef it out with extra sources. I haven’t got my ethics approval back yet so I can’t start my own research yet, and if I can’t do my questionnaires then I can’t analyse them and then I can’t write about them so I can’t do anything. Until ethics approval is back. And who knows when that will be. Ahhh. Freaking out about this a lot. Like a real lot. I have already read everything I can read about it and I can’t use any of it until I am writing up my own data. I might start writing about how I am going to carry it out as though I have already done it because then I will at least have written something. Like seriously, I haven’t even written the heading in a word document yet. Ahhh. 25th of March for this bad boy.

So that’s everything I need to do. 2×3=6 + 3×2 = 6 . 6+6 =12. 12+11 = 23. 23000 words. Woohoo. And then when those are all done I have a 15 minute presentation and two 4 hour exams. And then that’s it. That’s it all over. I am done with education. And I cannot wait.


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