I’ve moved site!

Okay so blog.com was a whole pile of annoying, so I have quit there and I am coming back wordpress, where I was before blog.com…. New URL though! I have just copied my blogs from blog.com over to here (including the ones that I copied from my old wordpress over to blog.com…) and I am going to be starting a fresh from now on. 1 month to go, I have a smart phone, I can totally muster up the motivation to post a blog a day. I don’t have the internet at my Mum’s, so I will need to blog on the train to work or when I am staying at someone else’s house who has internet (Like my Gran. My Gran has internet but my Mum doesn’t… Weird right?).

I hope that I actually manage to stick to this challenge. my blogs might not be very long and some days I might choose just to do 10 things I know to be true, but that’s better than nothing!


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