Almost there.

(First posted 4th March 2014)

Sorry, dear readers. I have been doing lots of things/been too ill do do things and so haven’t been able to write a blog in almost a month. I don’t actually have time just now, I am just procrastinating from going to sleep because it is 1:30am and I need to be up  at 6am and I am a self sabotager.

I have lots of ideas for things I want to write about ao I will do that soon. I will post something that is like decent and worth linking to Facebook so I can lure all you fair weather followers back to me.

I am handing in my last ever essay tomorrow (today  now!) and I can’t wait. Going to go home and sleep for a few hours afterwards and then go meet my wee pals for some pancakes because it is pancake day :)

After this hand in I only have three more hand ins. Two port folios and my dreaded dissertation. Which I haven’t started yet. I will start it on Wednesday(tomorrow now). It is due in three weeks… That information is freaking everyone in my course out and, as you can see from my last blog, it would have freaked me out too if I hadn’t had the realisation that I really just want it to be over. I just want to not be doing this anymore. I am ready to move on to doing real life with like actual meal times and bedtimes and visiting my dog. I think that finishing uni is going to make me so happy.

I am going to be like my friend’s dad who suddenly became this really happy optimistic person when he retired from work. He took on all these projects and he is just having a great time. I am going to be like that when I finish uni. I am going to smile and wear hats and wave at people on buses. I will have a job and a filofax and it will be full from 9-5 with some sort of really rewarding job but outwith those times it will be all dancing and romancing and having a rare old time. Well, it will mostly be going to my friends houses or reading books, but it will be grand either way.

Anyway this was supposed to be like a oh I am so so sorry blog and it has turned into a rant about the future. I better go to sleep. Good night fair readers. Or reader, since you can assume everyone else has stopped reading by now. It’s just you reading this blog now. That means its just me and you. How personal! Let’s be best friends. Okay, I love you, bubye.


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